"Patriotism is when love of your country comes first; nationalism when hate for people other than your own comes first."

— Charles de Gaulle

Long-Run Goal

The long-run goal of the Patriotic Movement is to build up the national community and its institutions, to correct for extreme polarization and divisiveness, to make a more perfect union. 

Short-Run Goal

The short-run goal of the Patriotic Movement is to show that there is great support for centrist, moderate candidates for public office.

Draft Statement of Principles

The Patriotic Movement is seeking to promote national unity and the common good.

​As patriots, we love our country. We are not blind to its flaws but refuse to allow these to define who we are, as we dedicate ourselves to work for a “more perfect union.”

​We strongly favor candidates for public office who are committed to supporting the common good while they advocate for the special needs and interests of the various constituents or social groups they represent or speak for.


​We are troubled by the polarization that prevents effective government. We hence strongly favor candidates for public office who do not consider working with the other party a betrayal, who do not demonize their opponents, and who compete fairly. (The Patriotic Movement will not endorse any specific candidates)

​We strongly favor candidates who are seeking some form of campaign finance reforms that limit the role of private money in public hands.

We hold that respect for international law and institutions does not entail giving up on national sovereignty.

(The phrase “strongly favor” is used to indicate that the extent to which a candidate is patriotic cannot be the only factor determining one’s support. However, it should be a major consideration.)

The Patriotic Movement Promotes:

A year of national service for all Americans:

​Initially, enrollment will be voluntary but encouraged by colleges and employers according special recognition to those who served, akin—but not equivalent—to the recognition awarded to veterans.​


Teaching civics in all public and private schools:

​These classes should be dedicated to introducing the next generation to the values we all share and the nation we cherish.

Raising Hands

​Welcome English:


Finding volunteers to teach new immigrants English. In the process volunteers would learn to know the immigrants personally, introduce immigrants to the values of their new home land, and, in turn, learn about the contributions immigrants can make to the community.

Students and Teacher in Classroom

​Conducting local and national moral dialogues:

​These dialogues will focus on defining the common good and ways to advance it.

Group Discussion

All messages concerning the Patriotic Movement should be sent to Professor Steve Crawford at crawford@gwu.edu